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The concept of “sustainability” is no longer a buzzword; it is also no longer a trend defining a phase of our society’s drive towards “going green”. Sustainability is an establishment, key factor in the corporate world that measures not only a company’s impact on the environment, but its ability to anticipate future economic, environmental and social opportunities as well as risks.

AGAIA Latin America is an exciting U.S.A. based company that seeks out Green groundbreaking technologies from naturally-derived, safe and sustainable formulas that deliver superior performance over toxic, chemical-base products; with the objective of taking them to a growing and vibrant Latin American Market.  AGAIA Latin America brings disruptive technology that maximizes efficiency and sustainability standards for all its customers throughout the region. The products base we currently have are all aligned with the three pillars of sustainability: environmental impact, social consciousness, and economic drive. We serve as a bridge between the Americas seeking and providing innovative next generation cleaning technologies.

EVOLVE’s technology is truly unique to the planet and represents an evolution in biochemistry where products created from natural, planet-based ingredients are able to perform and in some cases outperform traditional, chemical products from petroleum and other synthetic materials, without damaging our environment.

Patented, natural technology, Evolve® unleashes the intrinsic power of nature to clean at a level previously achieved only by the use of toxic, petroleum-based chemicals, detergents, solvents, and caustic acids.

Evolve’s Active-Capture technology proactively captures and breaks down or emulsifies, soils, odors, grease, and grime at the molecular level in seconds, leaving no dangerous residues behind on the surfaces cleaned or in the environment.

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Lower Costs

Evolve unleashes the intrinsic power of nature to deliver an unprecedented new level of clean, replacing many toxic cleaners, and reducing costs by up to 30% or more.

Increase Output

With Evolve’s powerful cleaning technology, time spent on each clean-up is reduced, allowing more work to be done more often–increasing your bottom line.

Reduce Utility Bills

Cleaning and laundry at your facility can push your utilities budget. If you’re having to rinse and repeat, run more than one cycle, or retreat wastewater, then make the switch to Evolve.

Eliminate Toxins

Using toxic chemicals to clean can greatly increase risk on the job. Safety equipment, specialized training, and workers compensation claims can all be reduced by switching to non-toxic Evolve.

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