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Evolve Laundry Complete

All-in-One Laundry System

The science of running a commercial laundry is not simple…or inexpensive…and it’s often toxic and hazardous. Evolve Laundry Complete 203L is a breakthrough patented cleaning technology from Agaia Inc. Made from natural elements, not only is it biodegradable, nontoxic, hypoallergenic and phosphate free – but it cleans textiles better than anything you have seen.

It’s time to Evolve your laundry facility.

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Reduces Costs

Experience operational savings of up to 50% or more with Evolve All-in-One technology.
  • Reduces textile replacement costs
  • Reduces labor & production times
  • Reduces utilities – Use less water & lower temperatures
  • Reduces indirect operating costs
  • Reduces chemical costs up to 21%

 Improves Results

Evolve simply cleans better.
See, feel, and smell the difference.

Test Evolve Laundry Complete 203L against your current products, and see the results for yourself.

Your textiles will be:

  • Brighter and fluffier
  • Fresher smelling
  • Cleaner with less stains
  • Dramatically softer

 Increases Safety

Experience a petrochemical-free laundry facility.

Staff will no longer suffer reactions to the fumes and toxins in petrochemical cleaners. Even with “proper protection,” petrochemical-based products have toxic side effects that affect employees and guests alike. Green and safer, your staff will see, smell and feel the difference

  • Non-toxic / non-caustic / non-hazardous
  • Free of petroleum-based chemicals
  • Does not irritate skin or cause rashes
  • Free of VOCs

Ready to learn more?

Contact our laundry experts to learn more about Evolving your Laundry facility

I have worked in this industry for over 40 years. You can imagine my surprise when I first heard the claims about the power of the Evolve product line. Everyone wants to claim better products and better results, so I put Evolve to the test with the scientific scrutiny that I have used throughout my career.

I can only say I am simply amazed. This product out-performs on every level. It is absolutely non-toxic which dramatically improves the work environment and simply cleans better with minimal tensile strength loss on textiles. I joined this company because this is the future of how we clean. This is the first truly revolutionary product in the market.Steve Arbogast
Director of Laundry & Special Projects
Agaia, Inc.

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