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AGAIA Latin America, Inc. (LATAM)

Our Objective

“Share our knowledge, relationships and experiences among our network to transform clients into responsible entities that drive sustainability initiatives while improving productivity, efficiency and environmental safety across the Americas.”

Company Overview

AGAIA Latin America Inc. (LATAM) was founded as a stand alone operation in 2016 and has been the driver of the expansion of the Evolve technology across several markets and industries. Our mission is to help our clients, which include Fortune 500 companies, in their quest to achieve an impact in the three pillars of sustainability: planet, people and profits. Today our products reduce cleaning times in the safest environment possible and at the highest quality standards. The bottom line is that we increase our customers productivity.

The EVOLVE technology enables customers, business and government to reduce the use of toxic, petrochemical products and replace those with nontoxic, natural products that deliver the same or better results.  LATAM is the bridge between the desire to “GO GREEN” and actually doing so!

LATAM has exclusive manufacturing and distribution rights over EVOLVE’s patented technology for Latin America and the Caribbean.  Our lines of EVOLVE and G3 products represent disruptive cleaning technologies in industrial and commercial cleaning, odor removal, agriculture, pharmaceutical, natural biocides, waste water processing and Oil & Gas remediation to mentioned a few of the industries. In addition, within the energy sector, LATAM has an exclusive distribution agreement for Latin America with a line of heavy crude oil flow improvement products that are pioneering to the oil industry, which we will bring from South America to the USA and Canada main markets.

The essence of LATAM is the unique ability to create value from the intersection of application versatility with technical expertise across several markets and industries in the region. The technologies that we represent drives productivity; reduces the impact of energy required; accelerates cleaning processes; saves natural resources; and reduces the carbon footprint.  In a US$100+ billion worldwide cleaning industry, LATAM wants to penetrate its share of the market in Latin America and the Caribbean.

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